What is Here


I am open to what is here.

Here, near a pool of warm water, drizzling rain, lavender Lilly pads surround me.

Cattail breeze,

star shine,

a vessel collects what I will need later.

Morning glories and passionflowers linger near by.

They, with their healing do not worry today medicine, help me breathe.

I sit, open, eyes closed, fully embracing what is.

I embrace my changing body; will nurture it so it no longer feels heavy to hold.

I embrace fear, will recognize when she begins to wrap around my throat, take over my words, my energy, me.

I embrace what I can’t control- like the rain on a day where it would be lovely to walk; I say to myself over and over, I don’t have to be in charge, and let this rain lead me instead.

I embrace the chaos- the chance to meet it with silence or more chaos, which I alone choose.

I embrace what unfolds next- a landing place we landed long ago or a journey.

I embrace needs and wants, the mundane, the ordinary.

I embrace the ebb and flow of being.

I embrace all those years of trying to embrace what doesn’t fit, trying to hold onto what stings, trying to mold liquid.

And I embrace letting go.

~ Kelly Sage- for the Poplar Grove Muse


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