gratitudes and attitudes


we have shared heart and soul
photo albums bursting at the seams
tender moments
harsh reminders
relationships, religion, reality
content and discontent
gratitudes, attitudes
and just plain old pretty words

are we writing for a change
or are we change itself
personified in ink of many colors
drying on each page
filling notebooks
lined and unlined
wide open to our used-to-be
our here-and-now

we have lugged heavy baggage
unbuckled straps
dumped more than
we remember packing
good, bad, and butt ugly
struggled not to toss
the baby with the bath
dragged out musty clothing
too long in closet corners
sorted it
shaken it down
hung it out to give its wrinkles
to the wind

we try to be impervious
to critical voices
past and present
drown them mercilessly
in bottled–up tears
punch down perfectionism
let it rise as something new
something edible
smother it with
butter and strawberry jam
and share each warm slice
with all who offer
an outstretched hand

—May 8, 2006           Glenda Breeden for The Poplar Grove Muse




One thought on “gratitudes and attitudes”

  1. Such a wonderful trip down a long, lovely lane of memories….

    “content and discontent
    gratitudes, attitudes””

    are we writing for a change
    or are we change itself”

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