A Forecast Feast

What if I took a bite of the sun?
Would it burn the roof of my mouth like pizza cheese right from the oven,
or make my mouth pucker like lemon juice does, a little sour.

What if I ate the stars, one by one?
Balanced them on my tongue,
cracked them like ice,
mashed them to bits with my molars.

What if I filled my cheeks with clouds,
so much so my mouth wouldn’t close?
Would they dissolve like cotton candy,
or fill my body with tear drops-
mine, maybe yours?

What if I sucked the colors of the rainbow up one by one?
Red and then orange, yellow, green, blue.
Slurped up the last drops- indigo and violet.

Lightning, a pretzel rod dipped in Thunder’s chocolate.
Raindrops and snow, sprinkled like the powdered sugar that lands on my french toast.

What if I gorged myself?
Took delight no matter the temperature,
grateful for each moment to taste.

My fastwrite from last week’s homeschool circle- inspired by the poem Celestial Craving by Melanie A. Rawls

– Kelly Sage

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