NaPoWriMo for The Poplar Grove Muse

This month Women Writing for (a) Change-Bloomington poets are participating in National Poetry Writing Month.  Every day we will offer up a new  poem by a writer in our community.  Check back after 6:00pm for the Prompt of the Day and the selected resulting poem.

Day 27 “Remix” a Shakespearean sonnet by Beth Lodge-Rigal

To dream, perchance to start another diet
To eat too much ice cream and sugar crash
To cut oneself some slack maybe just try it
To ponder foods like avocado mash

To start anew and then fully resist
To read a menu, sweat, then order fries
To start again, to fail, you get the jist
To pay the piper contemplate your lies

To count, to cut, to cultivate good habits
To meditate the virtues of restraint
To munch the Easter chocolate rabbits
To step on scales again without complaint

I try again, I try, I swear I’ll fail
But wait another day until I bail

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